Covid-19 Haircut

I let Matt cut my hair. I should say I asked Matt to cut my hair. After two back to back pregnancies my hair situation was a little VERY out of control, the colour is awful but what I couldn’t take any more was belly button length hair. It was too long to style properly, I just didn’t have the time or will, so the top knot bun became my every day hairstyle. I am better than a top knot. I once upon a time took great pride in my hair, many hours and dollars were spent on this mane. So during the peak of this quarantine I felt an need to find myself… cue the scissors.

A few youtube videos we’re watched, scissors were sharped, camera was set up and away he went. Now my love for this man is infinite, but he always seems to one up himself and I find new way to fall for him. He took his roll as my stylist very seriously and it shows. I love my new do, and I’m finally taking the time to self care and to be proud of how I look.

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