In case you are just here for the DISCOUNT CODE (55%) here it is: THEDILLHOUSEMAMA55

BUT I also have things to say. Like Yum. Also Easy. And Healthy Treat.

Halloween is over and it’s time to reign back in the snacking and I always need a little help in this department. My hands are full chancing little humans around all day, so when something can be delivered to my door already prepared, I am in.

Everyone loves smoothies, it’s like a healthy fruity version of ice cream that is encouraged for breakfast. I’ve done the big grocery hauls only to watch my produce go to waste as I reach for the easier cereal or toast option.

Revive Smoothie was the perfect solution for this household. We just spent a week, enjoying our easy morning breakfast treat, and it was so easy to do that my toddler was eager to help.

If you need any help choosing which flavours to try I’ve listed my top 3 flavours below:

  1. Morning Mocha (caffeine and smoothie in one?! yes pls)
  2. Açai Twist
  3. Blue Caoco

Now this is a sponsored post, but I’m being a 100% honest when I say that I am going to continue to order these. Healthy, quick, easy and way better than the sugar filled strawberry banana smoothie my husband had been ordering from our local fast food place.

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