Our Would be Wedding Weekend

We hadn’t put much effort into picking our wedding date, to be hones. We had wanted to plan a wedding within a year and in pre covid terms, that was a fast. We viewed a couple venues and ultimately picked our wedding date based on the availability of the venue we liked. We never expected a world wide pandemic would hit weeks after booking.

I can’t use the word disappointed to describe what we felt, it was just a frustrating limbo for a long time, until we decided to just call everything off. Deposits were lost, but ultimately we felt it was better for our mental health to have closure than wait and replan.

We still planned to mark the date, in our own special way. It was difficult to find something that took us away from our every day chaos and was still safe, but special. Matt came across Belair Resorts in Mont Tremblant in a random search, and we just knew. It’s a two hour drive from Ottawa, so far enough to feel like a travel adventure, but close enough that we still feel as if we were being pandemic responsible. We were blown away by the pictures of their chalets and our hearts pinned the personal hot tubs. So without hesitation we booked.

When that weekend came, we left our children with my mother, and we took off. The drive was uneventful, and as parents of two under two, uneventful is ideal. We rolled up just before the front desk closed, we were welcomed warmly, given directions to our chalet and they let us know if we wanted sushi delivered to our chalet to let them know soon. Sushi?! How boujie is that?

Our particular chalet consisted of 2 bedroom with an additional loft with king sized bed, two full bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and most importantly a massive hot tub right outside the patio door. Everything was so new, clean and cozy. We slipped right into the big fluffy robes provided and shared an amazing bottle of wine. A year ago we probably thought we would have spend the night before our wedding with our family and friends, celebrating and preparing for the big day… but if anyone knows how to pivot and make the best of a situation it is us.

In a typical travel blog I would tell you about the itinerary, the adventures, the indulgences and the sites that were seen, but these aren’t typical times. We had brought everything we needed, no need to leave our little love shack. The two days we spent there involved morning coffee in the hot tub with a view of mountains, a lot of charcuterie, more hot tubbing, delicious wine and our best playlist. Basically a perfect weekend.

We didn’t go far, we didn’t go big, but we did ‘our would be weekend’ right. Two burnt out parents rekindled their love. What more could we of asked for?

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