5 Items every Two under Two Mom needs

Wether you chose the two under two life, or it choose you, you have come to the right place. Having just exited the two under two world, I am fully equipped with all the secrets, tips and tricks. So if I could invest in 5 quality items, these would be it.

First and for most is the double stroller. A lot of debate here the side by side or the what I refer to as the train seating stroller. I owned both at one point, and hands down I would pick the side by side. In our house no one wanted to sit in the ‘back’. It was fine when one was an infant, but when we entered the toddler years it was just a big fight over the seat with a view. So my recommendation would be the Safety 1st Double Double Duo Stroller. We have had our for a year now, and the quality is holding up strong, the canvas has had little to no fading and kids love it. Some of the greatest features are that the seats almost fully recline, the bottom baskets are huge and most importantly, I’ve never met a doorway I couldn’t fit through.

Also necessary in the world of two under two is containment and by that I mean a Playard. When you only have two hands in a room filled with little ones with big feelings you learn to get creative at meeting everyone’s needs. For us a playard was our divide, distract and conquer strategy. Sure it’s great for a sleepover at Nana’s, but that’s just the start of it’s magic. When Cooper was a newborn I would place his baby swing INSIDE the playard to avoid a very eager Zoey from trying to ‘help’ take care of her brother. When Cooper became a little bit more mobile, it was always set up in out living room for easily assessable containment. And now? Well now we have the Evenflo Play-Away Portable Playard Deluxe and it has been key for helping me be able to get a little work done. I can set up both Zoey and Cooper with a couple of pillow, blankets and I slide our tablet into the touchscreen enables device pouch and they get a fun movie experience, and I can hop on my computer and get a little uninterrupted work done.

Attending to an adventurous toddler, with an infant in your arms is nearly impossible without help. Our help came in the form of of a baby carrier and the one I used and adored was LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons Six Position Baby Carrier. It was twofold for us, it was how Cooper and I managed for him to get skin on skin with me and I was able to breast feed him in it while keeping my hands free to tend to Zoey. BUT we also used it as a backpack carrier for Zoey when we were out and about. With the 6 different positions, we always found one that suited our babies needs, and used it all year round.

With us Dill’s our love language is food. We spend a lot of in the dining room, chatting about our day and enjoying good meals. So a high chair that is functional and multi purposed is important for us. We don’t want meals do be rushed, so we need everyone to be comfortable and happy, especially the two under two. We have the Graco DuoDiner DLX Foldable 6-in-1 High Chair with Tray. It’s been key because the tray is huge! We use it for meals and busy activities, like painting. Both kids enjoy, Cooper feels included at the table when he’s in it and Zoey feels grown up in the booster seat. For us the different seating options like the infant booster chair, toddler booster chair, and youth stool were the biggest selling factors. It means we will be making use of this seat for years to come.

Last but not least video monitors have made the biggest difference for me. As a parent, you always want to make sure your baby is safe and sound. You lay them down for the night, walk away and close the door. Then you hear a sound, or did you? You aren’t sure. Checking on them risks waking them and that’s the last thing you want. Now times that by TWO! This scenario happens all too often, but thanks to our new V tech Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor the guilt and anxiety can rest easy. We can see and hear our toddlers clearly on our VTech Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor with a 5 inch colour LCD screen. I’m not a techie person and installing was as easy as plugging it in. It works without Wi-Fi, but you can also set the Wi-Fi up and watch your little one from your phone on their app.

All in all having two under two might seem a little daunting at first but it really is such a blessing. Your hands might be full, but not as full as your heart. Take your time, find what works for you and enjoy raising those little wonders each and every day.

***This article contains gifted product and affiliate links

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