That’s how I roll

If you could redo your baby registry would you make all of the same decisions?

Now that I am pregnant with my 3rd baby, I have the perfect opportunity to find out. You see after my second was born, I was sure I was two and through so I gifted, consigned and sold all my baby things. Now I find myself happy to be growing our family again, but it’s almost like starting from scratch. 

The good news, I now know I didn’t need more than half the things I originally put on my registry. The even better news? I can be confident with my purchases having done this before. 

Back in 2018 when I was pregnant with my first, I was elated, but overwhelmed with where to start. So like everyone I know, I started to crowd sourcing advice from my friends and family. Everyone had a miracle product that I just had to have on my registry but more often than not they shared their regrets, The most common regret? Their stroller. I heard things like “don’t cheap out”, “make sure the wheels are good” “a smooth ride is so important” “Test drive everything!”

So I started putting together a list of stroller must haves:

-A smooth ride with wheels that could handle a Canadian winter

-Adjustable handle bar (to accommodate my husband and my height difference)

-Light weight/folds small

-Lots of storage

-A solid cupholder

-Cute looking (Vain but true)

Now money always comes into play. I am an economical person and no matter what the purchase is I want to be smart with my money. This personality trait led me to be confident that I wanted a travel system. To me it made sense to invest in an ‘all in one” package so I wasn’t going to have to buy pieces and accessories separately, because that can add up and hurt the wallet. Getting a travel system also narrowed down my list considerable.

So I waddled over to every baby store I could find and and test drove all the strollers. It was easy to pick out the ones I didn’t wanted, but I struggled to feel like I had found ’the one”. Strollers, especially travel systems that include infant carseats and adapters, are an investment piece and wether you are spending the $500 or $5000 you want to make sure you don’t regret your purchase. So I proceeded to shop, and it eventually I did find the right stroller. It was a new display  and it was GORGEOUS. I hesitated a little because it was newer to Canada and  I couldn’t find that many reviews on line, but it felt right. I like it, my husband liked it and it was by a brand that had been recommended to us over and over again for their car seat. We pulled the trigger on the Maxi-Cosi Zelia Travel system. It included a stroller that was tradition stroller, with front and back facing options, converted into a bassinet and came with the Miso 30 infant set.

I can tell you from the purchase of a stroller to having 2, almost 3 kids happens in the blink of an eye, but so many beautiful memories were had with that stroller in tow. It lasted 2 kids in 2 years and never diminished in quality. I haven’t a single complaint about it, I’ve recommend it to friends and family. I can also tell you that it has lived on and is still being loved and used by a new family. 

When I look back and think about what I loved best about my first instinct is always to mention that I could fit a full weeks grocery haul in the bottom basket. But if I take my time to think abut it, I also think it’s important to highlight how amazing it is for a petite mom. It is so important to choose a stroller with your body in mind. As a women who stands at 5’1, carrier and pushing heavy items is so hard on my back. The infant car seat has to be the lightest I tried with a very sturdy handle and the stroller is built the same, light but sturdy and easy to manoeuvre. For the amount of hours you will be pushing a stroller, you must be sure to protect your back by investing in the right one.

So now that I am weeks the arrival of my 3rd, there will be no list, no store visits or test drives. My full confidence will go into the second Maxi-Cost Zelia travel system. I know that that the value is there, the quality is there and my little one will be cozy and safe. I love that I get to enter my 3rd time becoming a  mom with so much confidence. 

*This post contains gifted product

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